Thursday, July 10, 2014

Been Busy

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Been busy!!

The car we just bought has some issues that I've been researching. In the old cars you knew what to look for: fuel, fire, air. Had to be one of the three.
But with this car everything is connected to a computer and stupid things like the battery leaking in the alarm siren will cause the sunroof to not work. It's crazy! So, any free time I've had at work has been devoted to online searches about the car.

And at home things haven't slowed down either. We've got about 6 ricks of wood stacked up in the garage. And another 5 or so left to saw, split, haul and stack.

The grass won't quick growing, but I'm about ready to just let it! Before you can mow one mower needs the drive belt put back on, the other mower floods (or at least won't turn back on) if you shut it off while it's hot, then you have to wait for it to cool off, dry off the spark plug and squirt starting fluid in the breather. The big tractor has a tire that keeps leaking....

It's not too bad doing the things that need to be done, but it's getting the equipment in running shape to do the job that is getting annoying!

That's what happens when things get old. They break down more often, need more attention, are a little stubborn about starting. Hey wait a minute, that sounds an awful lot like this old hermit! 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Does the Theory of Evolution Really Matter?

Hobby Lobby Decision Was The Wrong Decision

Slowing Down And Shutting Up

Things have slowed down...and I have too. Except for my brain. I have trouble shutting the damn thing off. It doesn't always work like it should, but it is always switched on.

Just yesterday I was wondering why we use the term "badger" when someone is telling us what to do over and over again. As in "Stop badgering me, I'll get to it as soon as I can!"  Don't you think we should call that "ottering" instead. I mean they keep telling you what you "otter" be doing. 

And we just got another car. Our old Hyundai's transmission is going out again. So, we got a Volvo. Talk about being from a different planet! Volvos are strange creatures. Computer chips and relays control everything and must be reset, reprogrammed and bowed down to before anything will function correctly. But the engine, transmission, brakes and steering are a gift from the gods... so far. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and scouring the internet for any info on potential issues and helpful repair advice.

Our hounds survived the 4th of July booms and blasts. Once they went outside at sunset and heard the commotion, they happily stayed inside and didn't request to go back outside until around 3AM. I got a good five hour stretch of uninterrupted sleep that was greatly appreciated.

The blackberries are turning a pretty pale red and are in good supply this year. Just as they were last year. More jam!!! Yay!!!

We have about 1/3 of next winter's wood already stacked in the garage. We have to hustle this week to get a bunch more done before the awful summer heat becomes unbearable.

I made a pledge to myself today that I wouldn't complain for 24 hours. And since I intend to uphold that pledge, this post will be rather short. I had a list of gripes and comments about stupid people that could keep me typing for another hour! So as Thumper's momma said, "If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all". And this old hermit is going to shut her mouth, stop her fingers, and try to slow down my brain!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Water Woes

Back in late March we had a major water leak. We dug a hole and found a pressure tank buried in the ground. The seam on the tank burst. We had installed a pressure tank in the house years ago because we thought the system didn't have one since the pump kicked on every time we turned on the faucet. We took out the old tank and connections and put in a 3' section of new pipe and new connectors. Things were fine... for a while.

Then the pump couldn't keep up with demand. We figured that the 8 year old pump had finally worn out due to the leak causing it to run more than it should. We replaced the pump with a new 1/2hp submersible well pump. Evidently the wire connections weren't water tight and it popped and threw the breaker. We cut off the burned wire tips and reconnected it. Things were fine... for a while.

Then we started noticing the pressure dropping off too soon. And the pump would have trouble keeping up with demand. We drained off the pressure, drained all the air out of the bladder in the pressure tank (no water came out, just air), repressured the bladder to 2lbs less than the cut in of 30psi. Still no change. We thought maybe the pressure gauge was giving us a false reading, so we replace that. No change. Hubby checked the voltage at the pressure switch and it was low on the pump side. So he replaced the pressure switch. No change.

We pulled up the pump, disconnected the wires, turned the power back on and checked the voltage. It was reading 120 on both hot wires. We dug up the pipe coming out of the cistern to see if maybe it was kinked since we sometimes drive over that area to fill the cistern. Nope, it was fine and dandy.

So, what could it be? Whatever the trouble is seems to be getting worse. After we put in the new pump and noticed low pressure we timed the recharge cycle - it was a little over 2 minutes. Now it takes over 4 minutes to build up pressure.

Did a small rock get sucked into the water line when the underground tank blew open? And over time did it get lodged in tighter and now is really restricting flow? How could we find where it is? Is there any way to back flush it to see it anything comes out? Was it a bad pump to begin with? I have dug too many holes, crawled in the cistern too many times and I'm about ready to cry. Does anyone out there have any ideas?